ONLINE Library
A curated and growing collection of free IRF resources

The Freedom Center library provides resources to help individuals, communities and decision-makers learn, reflect upon and promote freedom of religion or belief for all.

Whether you are new to the topic, a grassroots activist, a faith-based organization or an established NGO, the library can help enhance your knowledge of international religious freedom and related issues. Free resources include research, reports, data, videos, guidelines and more curated from the U.S. government, human rights and advocacy NGOs, think tanks, academic institutions and business. We will continue to add new resources in coming months. For a full listing of our Library and other online resources, please visit our Knowledge Base.

These are the fundamentals for International Religious Freedom.

  • International Religious Freedom Act
    This is the legal mechanism that lets citizens engage the US on IRF issues.
    Read International Religious Freedom Act
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights 
    Religious Freedom is enshrined in the rights of every person and recognized by the United Nations.
    Read Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • U.S. State Dept. Annual IRF Report 
    Because of the IRF Act, the U.S. State Department creates a report of every country's religious freedom conditions. (by the U.S. State Department)
    Read U.S. State Dept. Annual IRF Report

  • FoRB: Why, What, How
    A quick reference guide on what is and is not IRF, or Freedom of Religion or Belief. (by Stefanos Alliance)
    FoRB: Why, What, How

  • 2019 Annual Report
    Recommendation on countries that harm IRF by: U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom
    2019 Annual Report

  • IRFA 20TH Anniversary Retrospective
    This retrospective retraces the collaborative efforts that ensued to integrate international religious freedom within U.S. foreign policy.
    IRFA Flipbook
  • FoRB Country Reports
    UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion and Belief
    FoRB Country Reports

  • Open Doors World Watch List
    50 countries where Christians suffer the most persecution
    Open Doors World Watch List