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Beginning in November 2019, a group over 60 members from Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church, nicknamed the “Mayflower Church” for their commitment in seeking the freedom, began arriving in the Republic of Korea from China after enduring repeated threats and interrogation from Chinese police. After being denied asylum in South Korea, the group moved to Bangkok, Thailand and are currently seeking UN refugee status. However, the Thai government refused to renew the tourist visas for the church members and they face the very real threat of deportation to China.

To save them from deportation, a group of churches and a local resettlement group in the Tyler, Texas area have committed to financially and materially sponsoring all the asylum seekers’ resettlement to the United States. You can sign below to ask your Members of Congress to help secure the resettlement of this church. 

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ChinaAid is a vital voice for those who are persecuted in China and has been championing the Mayflower Church’s case. You can learn more about their work at