Highly customized solutions to engage grassroots support

Tackling issues of international religious freedom of belief and religion (IRF) requires a variety of easy-to-use online digital tools that can be employed to engage in targeted action campaigns.

Whether you are an individual who wants to make a difference, a new NGO starting out, an organization taking part in IRF for the first time, or an institution in need of training, you can access resources and platforms you need in the online Freedom Center. Learn more about our online tools and their capabilities below.

Peer to Peer Engagement

Your friends, family, and colleagues are some of the greatest sources of support for the cause you care about. They trust your thoughts on supporting important causes for impact. Peer-to-peer fundraising and campaigning can be an effective way to raise funds.
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Events can rally people, inform them, provide an opportunity for action, or more. But you have to get people there. Having cohesively branded invitation and events pages helps drive the impact of your work. Online event tools enable you to create, manage, and measure the success of your free or paid events. Provides features like customizable ticket-type.
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Petitions are an effective way to engage people and support positive reform. Petitions can take the form of large mass grassroots pieces or smaller expert and NGO sign-on letters.
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Create a quick campaign for fundraising or update an existing campaign quickly with digital tools in the Freedom Center. Enable your supporters to donate to your organization. You can embed fundraising forms on your site and have them hosted in your online platform.
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Signup Forms

Collecting information is one of the most important ways to build your capacity for impact. You can use signup forms to gather emails for event registration or other tasks. You can customize your forms so that they look professional and branded. And the best part is that you can embed them in your landing pages or website.
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Targeted Actions / Direct Advocacy / Social Media

All it takes is 15 people in a political representative’s state or district to get them to pay attention to an issue they have ignored. You can make a difference by getting policy change and rallying awareness for your issue around a piece of legislation or other political action. Enable your supporters to email and/or call legislators and post to Social Media about your causes.
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